SendList Used by Winformatik

Timeout has been set to 5 minutes in calls to the below method and in web.config executiontime.

Method SendList
Name Type Format Allow Null
Username String   No
Password String   No
incassoJobs Kreditpost[] Array of Kreditposts  objects. No
  public class Kreditpost {  public Kreditpost();  public decimal Belob { get; set; }  public string Fordringshaver { get; set; }  public string KreditorNummer { get; set; }  public string UdbetalingsID { get; set; }  public string InvoiceNum { get; set; }  public string ReferenceNum { get; set; }  public string Tekst { get; set; }  }  
Type Format
String jobnummer GUID
Exception Output      
Type Format